Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free E-Book Technology Tips for Teachers

I'm so excited to announce that the Tech Tips for Teachers Free Ebook was featured in the newsletter and is now available! It is a compilation of free products and tech tips from 47 teachers. There are tips and products for all grade levels! I've included my free iPad Task Cards for 1st & 2nd grade using the free app Toca Tailor.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Math Madness @ Teaching Momster: MONEY

Krista at Teaching Momster is hosting a linky with tips for teaching money. I'm excited to see the responses! I teach 1st grade. Common Core has listed coins in 2nd grade with nothing noted in kindergarten or 1st grade. I can't imagine waiting until 2nd grade to introduce coins! Our kindergarten students learn so much about coins. They forget some during summer break, but with some practice they are able to do very well with coins.

So, here are some tips:
* Have them label the coins on worksheets
I always have them write beneath the coins the cumulative value as if they were counting the coins to me and saying the total. This way, if there is a mistake, I can see what coins they need to practice.
*Give them practice with mixed coins
Our curriculum (Saxon) puts the coins in nice rows for them with all of the same coins together. They even put them in order according to value. Of course, in real life you will just get a pile of coins jumbled together that you need to count.
*Award coins for chores
When my boys were younger, they could earn coins for chores. We might assign a certain value for each clothing item folded or an amount for a completed chore. We kept a container of coins for them to get their earnings. :) They quickly became coin counting experts! They sometimes even became experts on IOU's & lending (without interest!) when the coin container was empty!

I asked for some tips on Facebook and here are a few:
*Sarah posted: I am a believer in using real money for the students to understand the concept and draw on real life. It's easier for them to see and touch the money to retain the values better!!   
Excellent tip, Sarah!
*Jen wrote: I have a classroom store where they earn money for doing work and good behavior then they get to purchase things like little toys, pencils, etc. 
This is similar to my idea for chores. I haven't been willing to put the time into a classroom store yet, but I am certain it would be a very valuable teaching tool - not to mention a behavior motivator! :)
*Brittany wrote: We also do a little "shopping" day where they get to practice counting money and pay for pretend items.

*Ofelia wrote: I love reading children's literature on money. 

Don't forget to check out even more teaching tips at Teaching Momster! My facebook giveaway and Spring Sale-a-bration is continuing for the rest of the week. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Sale-a-bration!
I'm baaaack!  I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted. I've been finishing my masters degree (that took me for-ev-er!!) I won't officially finish until May and I have a few assignments left, but the bulk of the work is completed and the end is in sight. Best of all, this week is spring break!  I have so much to do - cleaning, organizing, school projects, spend time with my patient and wonderful family and preparing some more products for TPT and other sites.
All this week I'll be offering giveaways and discounts from my facebook page. Today, there is a giveaway for my Desert Animals Research Papers. There are only a few more hours to enter the giveaway, but this product is 1/2 off for the rest of the day! Visit my facebook page to enter the giveaway. Good luck!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

Isn't it amazing that Dr. Seuss' early books were written 50-75 years ago and they are still loved by children today? I often have a big celebration in my classroom with all sorts of books and food. This year, as I finish up my Masters degree, simplicity is the theme. :) We were still able to do a few of my favorite activities. First we use a page from Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension 1-2 (Creative Teaching Press) about Dr. Seuss that has a KWL. You could just create a KWL chart. We complete the K & W before reading anything. Then, we read a little biography of Dr. Seuss (it is called Thinking About Theo and was a printable on a blog a few years ago - I have not idea who wrote it). It tells that his first book, And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street, was rejected 27 times. I have someone pretend to be Dr. Seuss and carry a pile of papers (talk about a manuscript vs. a book).  They go to student's desks and knock on them and say "Will you buy my book?" The students have fun saying no in unusual ways! Finally, the 28th person gets to say yes! It's a great time to talk to your students about not giving up - even when things are hard! I then read them the Mulberry Street book - my favorite!- and we talk about what it would be like if he did give up. They wouldn't have some of their favorite books. We read the CTP non-fiction page and the biography booklet and underline information that is new to us. We then are able to complete the What You Learned section of the page.
In other news... :)
there is a fun blog hop that ends today! It is highlighting Buy Sell Teach, a new site for buying teaching materials. You can even enter to win a $100 Buy Sell Teach gift certificate. There are freebies at each blog stop! Start at Teaching with Nancy and then hop on to the next blog.  Good luck!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Million Strong Sale @ Teachers Pay Teachers

Wow! TPT now has 3 million teachers who have joined this amazing site. To celebrate, there will be a BIG sale on Thursday & Friday (Feb. 27th & 28th).  You can save 28% off of ALL products at my store - even the bundles! Now is the perfect time to purchase items on your wishlist. How about some non-fiction units to align with common core and spark kids interest? Maybe some math or reading products to prepare for testing?

My wishlist was in desperate need of sale! I tend to use the wishlist the same way that I do the pinterest heart button - like a temporary filing cabinet. I put it in there until I have time to look it over and decide on the best things to buy. Embarrassing TPT wishlist has 793 items!  Yikes! This is out of control! :)  Definitely time to decide! How big is your wishlist? Enjoy these discount days!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Beattie to share blog posts about the big sale.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day freebie! I mustache you a question...

I mustache you a question...will you be my Valentine?  I've avoided the whole mustache thing for a while since I'm not into goofy humor like that :) but it's starting to grow on me. I usually do take some time to warm up to the trends. I totally didn't like chevrons at first and now they are prominent in my blog design!

Last year, I created some cute Valentine candy wrappers and some tags for marshmallow skewers. They are in my TPT store here. This year, due to the health needs of a few students, I needed something that wasn't sweet. I saw these glasses for a good price at Wal-Mart and thought they would be perfect. I think they were 4 for $1. I made up some little tags to go with them and now they're ready to go! This is a free download at TPT.  Click on the picture to go to the download link. Enjoy!  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's week!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebration Giveaway!

I'm so excited to bring you this BIG giveaway!  I am celebrating reaching 500 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers and 1,500 followers on Facebook.

There are 4 different prize packages: PK-2, 3-6, MS/HS & clipart. So many talented teachers donated products for this giveaway. Thank you, teachers!  There will be 1 lucky winner from each category. You can enter as many of the options as you choose. You will receive points for the options that you complete. Most of the entries award points for following a TPT store or facebook page. The winning entries will be validated to be sure they were completed. There are so many benefits to following these stores. Here's a little hint: Facebook is an awesome way to follow teachers! I find out about so many freebies, flash freebies, new products and giveaways.  Scroll down to find the giveaways that are applicable for your grade level.

I'm so grateful for all those who have taken the time to follow my store and encourage me as I've been trying to get things going this first year. It's been so much fun and I've been able to "meet" so many great teachers from places near and far. My original plan was to start all these things after I finished grad school (in a few months).  That probably would have been the "sane" plan, but I usually don't operate that way.  :)  I'm excited to see what this year holds.  Being a "teacher-blogger-author" has made my teaching more creative and helped me to polish up my teaching materials. I have a student named Hunter this year and the class loves to find "Teacher Treasure Hunter" on the items that I've created!  Thank you for taking this journey with me. Celebrate each success - big and small - as you continue to make a difference in so many young lives! 

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